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About Vital Momentum 


Lindy Andrews - Founder

In 2020, founder of Pure Health Hub, Lindy Andrews embarked on a mission to personal health, following her diagnoses with multiple health issues. 

Lindy recognised that for the past ten years, she had been living in a constantly stressed-out state, which had taken its toll on her health. Moving into her mid-50’s, she decided to take back control of her life and wellbeing. 

Balancing multiple businesses, whilst striving to be a great mum, wife, sister, aunt, and friend, the decade had quickly slipped away — along with her physical and mental health. 

Following her quest to find medical and natural health information in plain English, Lindy decided to share her recently gained knowledge as well as the experts in their fields by creating Pure Health Hub, a media platform dedicated to women’s health, specifically 40+. 

Lindy’s interest in skin health began at age 19 when she became a skincare consultant with a major brand. During this mid-life journey to health she also realised that despite the many skincare options she tried, her skin continued to get drier, flakier and duller. Unsatisfied with the top tier and supermarket ranges alike, Lindy explored further and discovered some key ingredients that became a game changer for her own maturing skin. 

Vital Momentum SKIN is the result of 2 years’ intense research and ‘enlightenment’. 

Derived from Nature, Backed by Science 

Vital Momentum Skin has been developed by a unique team consisting of a compounding chemist with over 20 years’ experience, a highly qualified beauty therapist who operated alongside medical and allied health and a group of expert consultants. 

Together, they created a breakthrough product range, the evidence- based Vital Momentum SKIN. 

Backed by NATURAL SCIENCE, Vital Momentum SKIN was created to provide women – of a certain age – a quality, affordable and above all, effective product to specifically address maturing skin concerns.