All Australian, naturally derived and backed by science, Vital Momentum Skin has been created especially for maturing skin.

Know Your Skincare

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I’ve tried a few Vitamin C serums but it must be the amount in it. This one, along with their cleanser, brighten my skin straight away! Won’t be putting this down.

Sally Adams

Seriously, I have worked in beauty for many years and tried many BB creams but this is the best, for sure. <3


I love this stuff! Snake venom or not, my face feels refreshed. I should have taken before and after shots. 🙂 Thanks Vital Momentum. I’m on to check out what else you have.

Gemma C

is vital

Vital Momentum Skin has been developed by a unique team consisting of a compounding chemist with over 20 years’ experience, a highly qualified beauty therapist who operated alongside medical and allied health and a group of expert consultants. 

Together, we created a breakthrough product range, the evidence based Vital Momentum SKIN. 

Backed by NATURAL SCIENCE, Vital Momentum SKIN was created to provide women – of a certain age – a quality, affordable and above all, effective product to specifically address maturing skin concerns.